About us

We are Pairs™



We are a small company, who is founded by me, mikepairs.

I created the company at the end of 2019 for the love of my continuously growing sneaker collection in which I couldn’t find the perfect fitting bottoms to match, and that’s what lead to the birth of Pairs.

Designed by a sneaker head for those who love the comfort of jogging bottoms but love attention to detail when it comes to tailoring and craftsmanship. 



Pairs is a brand who prides itself in the perfect premium bottoms, most likely patterned and has been missing from your wardrobe. Our patterns Pairs are limited woven fabrics, with top stitched seams and heavy metal cord ends, comfortable for everyday wear and special occasions/events. All of our Pairs are embroidered with our signature ‘P’ on the right hand side pocket, which are deep enough to hold your ever growing mobile phones, and a ‘Pairs’ logo inside of the left ankle above a cuff that sits on your shoes perfectly, every single time. 

What more could you ask for?



Decades ago the sneaker culture began, something in which people didn’t and still don’t understand, subcategorised into a negative perspective, but what it really was/is an insiders club that encourages people being around to understand and appreciate the right sneakers. Sneaker heads do not consider any gender, class, ethnicity, age or any other boundary to define themselves. It is their sneakers that carry all these features, and this is how we envision our company. We want to be the bridge between the sneaker culture, a cultural playground where people, sneakers and luxury meet.


Welcome to Pairs